Staanrib (Lamb ribs) on the fire

One of the best things about a South African braai is the time spent with friends next to the fire. If you are preparing what we simply call a staanrib (or skuinsrib), you will have plenty of time to catch up and create new memories. This is a low maintenance meal as it requires only a few ingredients and very little effort on your side, but it does take a minimum of three hours before it is ready. Best enjoyed with our Ernst Gouws & Co Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon or the proudly South African Ernst Gouws & Co Pinotage.


Lamb rib

Lemon juice


Salt and pepper

A wood fire (the open flames are required to prepare this the traditional way)

A folding, hinged grid


Make sure you score the fatty side of your lamb ribs by cutting it about 1cm deep in a diamond shape. This allows the fat to render during the slow-cooking process. Grind your salt, pepper and coriander together and rub into the meat with the lemon juice before placing it in the hinged grid and closing.

When you are preparing your fire, plan ahead to make sure that there is enough space to the side to prop the grid at an angle so that the indirect heat can cook the meat. Placing the grid at an angle also allows the rendering fat to drip away from the coals. This prevents flames from flaring up and burning the meat.

Turn the grid every 30 minutes or so, making sure that it is cooking evenly.

Sit back and relax. Cooking time should be approximately three hours. Plenty of time to enjoy a glass or two!

This is an incredibly rich meat dish which is done justice when served with some fig preserve and another splash of lemon juice.

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