When Ernst and I got married in Germany 36 years ago, Onion Tart (or Zwiebelkuchen) was the very first recipe
INGREDIENTS: 1.5 liter strong fermenting must, (2/3 days old).4.5 kg cake flour500 gr butter500 ml lukewarm water4 cups of sugar10
For those of you not familiar with the concept of the hot pot, it is the Asian version of fondue.
INGREDIENTS 5 cups all-purpose flour (not self-rising)2 cups hot milk1 ½ tsp Salt1 tsp sugar½ cup Canola/Vegetable oil2 cups Extra
Travelling to Tanzania in November, I discovered the perfect pairing for our flagship wooded white blend, The Nineteenfiftytwo: Thai food,
LAMB SHANKS WITH SHIRAZ AND CHERRY JUS - by the Butcher Shop & Grill, Cape Town INGREDIENTS 4 lamb matured
            For the Eland fillet you will need             1 150g eland
Our family pays special tribute to our dearest friend, Maggie Pepler who would have turned 89 years of age on
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