There is something magical about Tanzania.

There is something magical about Africa.

Before I left for my trip my husband’s last words were, “please don`t tell me we’re moving to Tanzania when you return”.  He has been eating and living Tanzania ever since.

Whether it was the air, sense of adventure, atmosphere, the kind and humble people, exotic tastes or the fact that my good friend Lise lives there, I loved everything about Tanzania.

From Jamila teaching me how to make Chapati (African-perfected, Indian-inspired flatbread), visiting customers with my wine cooler on a Babaji (very modest taxis), having pizza at the local yacht club or eating the best Thai food ever at Thai Kani in Dar Es Salaam. Even a simple lunch with Lise and her girls was an experience. 

I can recommend a trip to Tanzania to everyone and if you need a chaperone please let me know.