To celebrate the joy of living we share with you the allure of winter in the Boland – rain, cold, long evenings in front of the fireplace, hearty soups and venison; as the hunting season is upon us.


For the past 15 years the two  men in our lives - Ernst senior and Ernst junior (now 26) have escaped the cold, wet weather of the Boland on their annual father and son hunting trip.  It is not so much about hunting antelope but more about the many hours planning; the padkos, the journey of 10 hours in the bakkie (truck) to the north and the 4 – 5 days spent in the natural beauty that is Namibia.  Approximately 100 kilometres past Viooldrif (the border between South Africa and Namibia) they have, over the years, assembled a heap of stones which they call their monument.  Every year they stop at the same spot along the road in the middle of nowhere to stretch their legs and to finish off the last bit of padkos and empty the coffee flasks.   And every year they add another big stone to their secret heap and will sometimes even bring with a stone from the Boland.  They never forget to send a photo to the most important ladies in their lives whom they seemingly, miss very much.  Of course, there is always a very good reason why we are not invited.  Their main excuse – we have no interest in hunting and therefore do not want to come with!  So why bother asking! 

 When they return home – never let it be said that the fruits of their labour goes unappreciated – venison, biltong and boerewors to be handed out to all neighbours, family and friends.

We celebrate all our fathers and fathers-to-be in the hunting fields of South Africa and Namibia and wish all fathers a very special Father’s Day.  May you be spoilt rotten and loved to pieces!

 Cheers to the fathers

 The Gouws ladies