SMAC is proud to present this group exhibition featuring fourteen acclaimed African contemporary artists, including five artists featured at this year`s Venice Biennale.  

The title of the exhibition, Trek, is a word that evokes various responses and has different connotations from Star Trek to the Great Trek.  The Great Trek commenced in the Cape in 1834 and this historic journey into the Southern African interior, by 'displaced' European settlers, provides a purposefully controversial backdrop to the show, which deals with the concepts of migration, travel and displacement in the African context.  

In modern South Afrcan parlance or slang, the word 'trek' refers to moving, as in relocating, or to a difficult or uncomfortable trip, such as a long drive through heavy traffic from one side of the city to another.  The arduous daily travel routine of most Africans living on the outskirts of sprawling cities such as Lagos and Johannesburg and the correlated social issues surrounding this antiquated system, as well as the general lack of public transport on the continent, has become an ingrained frustration and inhibitor to progress and advancement.  Mozambiquean artist Filipe Branquinho's stitched images of merged, elongated African taxis or minibuses are a tactfully composed and witty take on the subject.  Gripping and gritty images from Porto Novo, by Beninese photographer Leonce Raphael Agbodjélou extends this conversation by virtue of stark and vivid images of young scooter-riders in peak midday traffic.  To read more please visit www.smacgallery.com

Join us for a glass of our newly released Ernst Gouws & Co Sauvignon blanc 2015 while wandering through the TREK exhibition on Saturday the 16th of May at SMAC gallery, The Palms, 145 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock.