A circle represents a beginning with no end – an ongoing journey – and for me; family is the personification of the perfect circle in life. Members are bound together forever, with the various generations each making up smaller circles within the larger whole.

Our own family circle came to be in 1975, when Ernst’s dad sent him to Europe on a one-way ticket to learn the tricks of the winemaking trade at a wine college in Weinsberg, Germany. He was to conitnue the winemaking tradition that had been part in the Gouws family for many generations, and almost 30 years later, Ernst’s journey came full circle, when he fulfilled his lifelong dream of establishing his own wine label. The Ernst & Co label was launched in 2004 and our family proudly presented the classic oval-shaped label to the world.

Ten years later Inke, Ezanne and Ernst Jnr. have outgrown their kiddies’ shoes and, in true Gouws tradition, are pursuing their own winemaking dreams. Growing up in a family where mum and dad worked side by side building and realising their dream, it was inevitable that this dream would also became theirs. We are privileged to all live close together in the Cape Winelands and have regular opportunities to share a bottle of wine and have lengthy discussions about new trends in the winemaking world, whether it is wine styles, packaging or marketing trends. We may argue a lot, but we’ve found that a good glass of wine works wonders to cool down the tension. Over the years, wine has become our way of life – it is the glue that keeps our family circle together.


In a headstrong family like ours, where all members have very specific opinions on what is right and what is completely wrong, revamping the Ernst Gouws & Co label into a more modern, eye-catching design to fit into the new competitive wine industry seemed like an impossible feat. But, after many months of research, lengthy discussions and countless trials and errors, we can now proudly present to you our new circular Ernst Gouws & Co label.

The circle embodies a timeless brand that represents tradition and unity. These attributes have been translated into the circular copper-foiled labels bearing the proud and elegantly crafted family name of Ernst Gouws and Co.

Our flagship is all about family, authenticity and tradition and we welcome you once again into our world of quality wines. To learn more about our wines and our family, please visit the new online home of Ernst Gouws & Co. We would love to hear what you think about our wines, our website and our new labels, so please send us your comments via Twitter or Facebook, or simple send a quick note to We look forward to hearing from you!

Yours truly,

Gwenda Gouws