Best ever Spanakopita  (Small triangular Greek Spinach Pies)

Easy to make – served with Chardonnay it is a sure way to impress your love-one with your cooking talents.

Ingredients (for the filling)

2 cups chopped spinach (frozen, thawed or fresh spinach blanched in hot water)
1 onion finely chopped
1 tsp melted butter
2 gloves garlic, mixed
½ tsp dried oregano
2 tsp parsley
1 cup crumbled feta
1 egg


10 phyllo sheets, thawed if frozen
1 cup melted butter



On medium heat braise onion until softened, 5 minutes.  Add chopped spinach and all other ingredients except crumbled feta and egg. Cook together for another 5 minutes.  Add salt and black pepper to taste.  Cool of slightly. (Prepare this step earlier to save time and keep in fridge for couple of hours.)

Mix onions/spinach evenly together with 1 crumbled feta and egg.  Keep aside.

Remove phyllo from refrigerator and cover with lightly damp kitchen towel.

Take 1 phyllo sheet and place on clean surface.  Brush with melted butter then top with another sheet of phyllo.  Brush second sheet of phyllo all over with butter.  Slice into 6 long evenly sized strips (each ca 8 cm wide)

Assemble spanakopita:  Place tablespoon of spinach mixture on the corner nearest you on one strip of phyllo. Fold corner over mixture to make a triangle, then continue folding like a flag until strip is completely folded over spinach mixture.    Repeat until all filling and phyllo sheets is used.

Brush triangles with butter.   Bake until golden and crisp 20 – 30 minutes in medium heat oven (180 ˚).  Serve with chilled Chardonnay as starter or snack.  (When you have time, make a few extra pies and keep in freezer for those unexpected guests who come for a drink after work.)

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